What gives you first place on youtube and why get it?

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world! People love videos, in videos you can pass a lot more emotions than text or picture and additionally more influence the viewer.

To make the video effective and get as much display as possible, you need to think about what information your potential client is looking for on the internet. By showing the solution of a given problem through your product, you will gain a huge number of customers.

Great information is also the fact that it is easier to position on selected search terms than in google search engine. Thanks to that positioning are cheaper and return on investment in larger.

How to get first place in youtube fast?

1. Create good video

The first thing you have to do is create a video. The best if your video has minimum 3 min length.

The longer your viewer watches the video and gives you more likes and comments your video will be upper.

So your video must be emotional. At the beginning of the video, it’s worth doing something that draws the attention of the viewer and will make he want to keep watching.

If you do not want to not have to record yourself, you can create for example: animation, whiteboard animation, only text with music, photos with text.

Check examples of animation here and whiteboard animation here.

If you want to create more videos on your channel you can think about the intro to your videos especially if this is your company branded videos. Check here great intros.

2. Rank your video fast

What you can do yourself? Add your keyword in the title, description and tag. Good if you share your video on your website. And if your keyword has very low competition you can get even in 24 hours top 5 in search result.

If your video not showing high it’s means that your keyword has more competition. For most competitive¬†keywords you must boost your video.

You can boost your video by views, embeded, backlinks, shares, live stream you can find all service for youtube here.

Or if you want, we can take care of your video and take full responsibility for positioning. If we fail, you will get a full refund, check here.