What gives you Google Ads?

Google ads it’s a great way to promote your business online, other than Facebook. In facebook you can advertise for people can be interested in your product but not actually searching info about this product.

In google ads, you can enter ads that will display the person who is specifically interested in your product or service. This how it’s look:

So it’s a great way to fast get a client for your new local business or any type of business which offers products that are already known by people.

You can also track the results of an ad campaign by tracking traffic from these ads and checking how many you earn by traffic from ads and how many you spend on ads 🙂

How to use Google Ads?

You must have a google account and adding google ads service on this page https://ads.google.com/home/ by click only “Start Now”.

To set up high converting ads you must to know a lot of things about advertisement online (how people react on different things) and need know how to set up everything good for your service or product.

So especially for you we creating service where we do everything for you if you want only setup ads to check here

For clients to getting better results and want do everything by use we hace service with setup and ads management for 2 weeks and 1 month. here