What gives you Youtube Ads?

Youtube ads it’s a next great way to promote your business. In youtube your advertisement it’s mainly video. Video is the best way to communicate with your clients, because give him more emotions than text and picture. Video also built more trust in the brand and better customer relations.

In video ads, you can targeted people who have seen your video on youtube before. What incredibly increases the effectiveness of advertising and thus reduces its costs.

This how it’s look on desktop:

People can go to promoting website on when he clicks in the bottom left corner on ad video. People default must watch 5 seconds video and after this 5 seconds can skip ad with button on the bottom right corner. Additionally on the left sidebar (where is suggestion video on youtube) your add showing too.

On mobile ads looks similar (other location of buttons and other ad banner).

Youtube ads it’s a great way to promote any bussiness local or online.

Like in other advertisment methods you can track the results and checking how many you earn by traffic from ads and how many you spend on ads đŸ™‚

How to use Youtube Ads?

Youtube ads creating in the same panel as Google search ads

So, you must have a google account and adding google ads service on this page https://ads.google.com/home/ by click only “Start Now”.

To set up ads you must to know a lot of things about advertisement online (how people react on different things, how to do impact on potential customer) and need know how to set up everything good for your service or product to be cheapest and effective as possible.

So especially for you we creating service where we prepare your youtube activity, strategy, specific targeting and ad formats or do everything for you check here

Only with prepare and setup

Basic service with preapre without setup.